Unique design, best in class storage solution, endless customization and built to last
Our kitchens and other millwork have been perfected for more than 40 years.

We can source many types of cabinet doors, slab/flat, shaker, raised panel, doors with inlays and curvilinear doors.
Opening systems

We carry four different handleless opening systems and 10 different types of handle. Our grooves are in lacquered aluminum or wood.

We have a vast selection of finishes. In addition to lacquered matt, gloss and more than 30 wood finishes, we offer Fenix®, lacquered metallic, resin and Solidtop®, or porcelain with stone effect. We can match countertops and cabinets to create monolithic islands. Our cabinets have integrated lighting. We can also offer pop-up outlet sockets for countertops.

We offer undermount sinks with a single or double bowl, integrated sinks and wash basins. Our sinks can have linear drains and come in many finishes and materials: Corian®, Fenix®, Betacryl®, Solidtop® and stainless steel in gun metal, gold and copper colors.

We have a large selection of storage solutions to maximize space both in stainless steel and wood. These include: cutlery holders, drawers systems, pull-out drawers, pull-out pantries, magic corners, backsplash systems, tray holders, draining boards, under sink organizers, and garbage units that facilitate recycling.

All our cabinets come with either Blum or Grass hinges and hardware – the best in class for soft touch closing. The hinges we use allow the doors and drawers to close with just a light movement of your hand – smoothly and silently. We offer also lift-up doors.
Our manufacturers combine renewable and recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes.
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