Our manufacturers combine renewable and recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes.


To lower carbon dioxide emissions, our manufacturers utilize a percolation system and waste materials abatement, and heating systems in compliance with the most up to date European standards.


Our manufacturers use energy from renewable sources certified as RECs.

Water and waste management

Our manufacturers pay great attention to the use and draining of water in their factory and recycle about 90% of the waste materials.

Paper and packaging

Our manufacturers use only paper sourced from eco-sustainable managed forests as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Packaging is made with recycled or recyclable cardboard.


Our manufacturers work with the Idroleb ecological panel, the only panel made entirely from recycled wood and with the world-lowest formaldehyde emission to safeguard the environment and protect customers’ health.


Our manufacturers pay great attention to the finishes of their products with a wide range of paints that are in compliance with European legislation.

We can also help our clients recycle and upcycle their existing kitchen, cabinetry and furniture.
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