Effortlessly transform your home
An endless choice of finishes and looks to make your home truly unique.
A simplified four step process to give you a piece of mind.

Talking | first ideas

We schedule a time for you to talk about your plans with our designers, in person or virtually. You can send pictures of your space and measurements before the consultation. Based on the initial conversation, and once we have the measurements for your project, we will give you a ballpark estimate and detailed timeline within a week. This is part is free.

Drawing | exploring options

If you would like to work on your kitchen design with us, tell us more about how you want to use the space, the materials you like and send us any ideas that have inspired you. We will prepare two designs of your kitchen based on the look and functionality you want within 2-3 weeks. Your designer will walk through the plans with you. We will also give you the final project price. This part will cost $299, which will be credited against the purchase price. Want to explore more options or cabinets for other rooms? For $1,499 we can provide you with as many revisions as you want. Once you are happy with the design and choices, we will finalize the plan and price within 10 days. We will also work with your contractor to double check the measurements. If you do not have a contractor yet, we can help you find one.

Making | ideas become reality

After you approve the design and the budget, we will launch the production of your kitchen. You will be asked to pay 70 percent of the final price at this stage. Production takes 6-8 weeks. While your kitchen is being produced, we can coordinate with your contractor on getting the space ready.

Delivery | your new kitchen

We will arrange shipment directly to your premises; regular shipment takes on average 4-6 weeks. You will pay the balance before shipment. Installation support: If you want, we can provide you with a list of licensed installers.

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